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When it comes to planning a wedding, it can be a mind-boggling affair. Until now, I still brooded over my wedding more than ten years ago. The wedding scene was arranged with a large area of flower arrangements, but red roses were everywhere, which did not contradict the wedding color, but it seemed rather monotonous. So shortly after getting married, I decided to start the company VInawedding.com to give full play to my hobby and design skills, presenting the colors and flowers to near perfection.

We have a number of themes and it is our job to take each theme idea and express it completely through live flower arrangements. My original intention was to solve the problem of wedding site decoration for many people who have similar concerns as mine, to free them from the tedious wedding site decoration, and to give them a perfect and unforgettable wedding site with the expertise of a company that will last a lifetime!

After all these years of development and accumulation, we not only have a little achievement in the field of wedding scene arrangement, which has won the favour of many fans. At the same time we are also exploring and developing in some areas of home flower arrangement. We are confident that we can bring a perfect experience and unforgettable on-site arrangement to the people who trust me. I sincerely hope this new form of art creation will bring more happiness to you all.

Welcome communications with us for anything you want to share with us or any problems about products and orders.Please email to sales@vinawedding.com.

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Our story

At the heart of our craft lies a profound understanding of the subtle yet transformative power of color and the intricate language of flowers in setting the tone for a wedding venue. Our expertise extends beyond mere decoration; we meticulously curate each arrangement to align with the unique theme and emotional ambiance of the wedding, ensuring that the chosen palette and floral selections resonate deeply with the couple's personal narrative and desired expression. From the gentle whisper of pastel hues signifying the first blush of love, to the vibrant bursts of color that celebrate joy and passion, our designs are a harmonious blend of artistry and emotional resonance.

In essence, we don't just decorate spaces; we transform them into vivid expressions of love and commitment, where every color and flower chosen plays a part in weaving the rich tapestry of the couple's shared dream for their future together. Through our dedication to excellence and creativity, we help bring to life the mood and ideas the wedding hosts wish to express, making their special day not only memorable but deeply meaningful.